Updating netboot image

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You will probably have to create separate netboot sets and images for Mini's and for MBP's.

If you are going to deploy OSX10.7, your netboot set needs to be created using 10.7 so it can take care of the recovery partition that 10.6 cannot see.

The Net Boot service is one of my personal favorites - using a mix of standard PXE boot technology and some of Apple’s own mumbo-jumbo, you can use it to serve up OS images to client Macs over the network.

Its uses are diverse - you can boot up a simple operating system designed to deploy OS X images to multiple computers at once (I recommend the excellent, free Deploy Studio for this sort of work), you can serve up a vanilla OS X install disk, or you can use the System Image Utility (another of the Server Admin Tools) to capture a pre-configured OS X environment that can be served to many clients at once - the latter is particularly useful in classrooms, computer labs, public-use kiosks, and anywhere with a lot of Macs that need to look and act the same, since getting a clean instance of the OS is as easy as rebooting the system.

Rather than redo the work on the netboot, I figured I would just use the 10.9.1 build that i used to create the NBI, run the combo update, and re-run it through SIU.

That completes as expected, however when I try to netboot a machine I just get a Circle with a line through it.

Bob :) Mac minis shipped with Lion have a special 10.7.0 build.

So, a standard 10.7.0 netboot set won't support that minis, but a netboot set based on the mini specific Lion build might support other hardware.

updating netboot image-85

updating netboot image-38

updating netboot image-68

updating netboot image-62

I think Apple needs to look at system image utility and make it more selective on needed kexts TFTP is used to copy the kernalcache file over to the client regardless of NFS or HTTP. New version of TFTP supports 4GB file transfers so Im guessing apple has update the firmware in some models and not others I removed the atto raid kexts and the apple 802.11 wifi drivers.I'm interested, however, in a machine-independent image that can install effectively on any mac and that can be updated easily.I heard this was possible with modular images, Net Install and packages, but I can't see in the documentation how this is done here.You should test netbooting the minis from your netboot set if you created the netboot set on anything else.Typically you'll want to test multiple machine types with "any" new netboot set. I've been able to netboot the new Mac Book Air's from a 10.7.1 netboot image I captured on a 2010 Mac Book Pro 13".

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