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‘We have registered our total abhorrence with the agency and are currently reviewing our entertainment supply channels to ensure that this never happens again.’ Aside from his Tyrone appearance, Collins is understood to have performed at a number of under-age discos across Northern Ireland.

Unsuspecting teens lined up to have their picture taken with the 32-year-old who has spent his life performing novelty acts in nightclubs.

But this escaped the notice of the organisers of the underage St Patrick’s Day party, where he performed earlier this month.

Collins, who used to call himself the ‘smallest person in Enniskillen’, posed for pictures with kids as young as 14 at the alcohol-free party.

That's a hornet's nest of a cultural situation, and Read narrows her approach to imagining what a free sexual community might look like.

The "Jam Band" consists of the Toys co-producer Denny Randell, arranger Bruce Miller, Bob Crewe, and others.

Where Kenny Nolan composed the entire Manhattan Millionaire follow-up project, Bob Crewe co-writes all the material here: two songs with Kenny Nolan, including the big hit, "Get Dancin'," "Name Up in Lights" with Alan Shatkin, and eight with Denny Randell, including "Shirley Wood," part of a four-song medley, this one co-written with Letty Jo Randell, and performed by the Sex O-Lettes, which feature underground singer/legend Cindy Bullens.

More, she suggests in a program note that sexual freedom promotes political change. His detractors suggested there was more than a little homophobia and racism in his "Disco sucks!

" campaign: Gays, blacks and Latinos started this underground form, empowered by the vaunted sexual liberation of the late '60s.

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