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has become less taboo than In previous generations.The time of the Cougar has arrived, rejoice as I elaborate way to become a successful Cougar. They’re simply more ambitious and active than older men usually are while younger guys don’t always go for an older woman.This gets embedded in our head and become the things we want.First you need to understand why you desire beauty, and here’s how to get the guy of your dreams…Continue reading Dating younger guys are almost the same as dating someone your own age.

Is this another Maggie May, who, as Rod Stewart tells it, will "wreck your bed, and in the morning kick you in the head? That 21-year-old fraidy cat is now a tigress of temptation. Their testosterone levels increase; oddly enough, around the same time that mens are plummeting. These days, if an older woman wants a baby, she can have one.Here are some insights as to why some women prefer to date younger guys. Often, a man whos older than you assumes a protective and paternal role; and to many women, this is a real turn-off. She's used to taking care of herself, speaking on her own behalf, and yes, even paying her own way without the help of Daddy Warbucks. Meanwhile, our same-age male counterparts are busy studying the inside of their eyelids. Younger guys look up to an older, successful woman. There's something to be said for having a younger guy who admires you for your accomplishments. But what of the ever-growing population of footloose women with their crazy cradle-robbing ways? There will always be the Traditional Tina, scoping out an older fella whos "on her maturity level" as she likes to think- and who's willing to play provider.

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